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How Trigirl Started

Trigirl was initially born out of a frustration to find stylish and flattering triathlon kit that performed at the highest level.

Trigirl-Owner-Patrizia-with-Chrissie-WellingtonPatrizia Victor, the brains behind Trigirl, was inspired while racing in the London triathlon in 2006. Wearing an inadequate, ill-fitting trisuit, Patrizia knew that she- and other tri girls like her- deserved better… better fabric, better fit, better support, better colours!

With her extensive background as a garment technician in the development and production of fashion and sports clothing, Patrizia knew that she was just the woman for the job.

She applied her knowledge of fit, function (and fabulous!) to create a line of clothing that would not only perform better than any other women’s triathlon clothing on the market, but would also look great. With that, Trigirl was launched in 2007 and we've never looked back.

Combining the world’s most innovative and cutting-edge fabrics and design, Trigirl is the first and only triathlon-specific brand in the UK for women by women…. because only a woman can really understand the need for a proper fitting bra support, multiple cup sizes, a leg gripper which doesn't dig in, a suit in just the ‘right’ colour- or the confidence a flattering fit inspires.

Trigirl-Owner-Patrizia-with-Sporty-Spice-Mel-BOur exclusive collections are designed specifically with women in mind and have input from female triathletes, runners, designers and testers all the way through the process. Trigirl will make you feel like a million dollars whether you’re doing your first triathlon or competing at the highest standard.

Now, Trigirl is a market leader in triathlon clothing for women. Available all over the world, Trigirl has a reputation of being one of the few genuinely female-orientated triathlon brands.

We know what we want in our triathlon and running kit and we know you demand the same. We’re not prepared to settle for ill-designed kit in dull colours and we don’t think you should either. And thankfully, you don’t have to… because you can wear Trigirl.

Trigirl Blog

Whether you are looking for motivational triathlon stories, advice to get you through your first (or fastest) triathlon or just fun articles about all things triathlon from a female point-of-view, our informative website and award winning Trigirl blog at is the right place for you!

Want all of the latest Trigirl news? Interested in learning from other triathletes? Hoping to get tips from coaches and nutritionists?

Check out our blog for tips, news and stories from other women triathletes who are living the challenge!

For more information about our brand and for help with achieving your triathlon goals visit our website

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