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How can you justify the expense of a new trisuit that you might just wear for one race?

Trisuits aren't just for race day! You can wear your trisuit running, cycling, swimming and in the gym! 


One piece vs two-piece trisuit

Women debate the one-piece vs two-piece trisuit question all the time.

One-piece trisuits feel sleek and sporty- no riding up exposing your midriff, no flapping hem in a pool swim. However, few women feel comfortable training in a full trisuit. That's why you may get less use from a one-piece unless you race a lot.

Two-piece styles have advantages in  fit and versatility. Do you have a long or short torso? Do you wear different size top and bottoms? A two-piece allows you to order different sizes for top and shorts, resulting in a better fit for your body shape. 

The versatility of a two-piece makes it more comfortable to wear in training.


The best of both worlds - only at Trigirl

But what if you want the sleek feel of a one-piece with no riding up of a hem and you also want the versatility of a two-piece?

Trigirl has come up with the perfect option that gives you the best of both worlds... Our swimsuit & tri shorts/ tri capris combination!

The Trigirl FLOW swimsuit is specifically designed for triathlon. It features a high neck and excellent bust support, suitable for running. Combine it with a pair of matching Trigirl tri shorts or tri capris for two excellent items of training kit that work together as the perfect suit on race day.

Trigirl bottoms come in three leg lengths: standard-length shorts, long-leg shorts and a triathlon capri length. 

All of this in a sustainably-produced product, made to highest quality standards. With a little care, your Trigirl kit will last for a very long time, giving you lots of happy training and race experiences.


Save 10% on all sets

All Trigirl two-piece sets are 10% off the purchase price of items bought separately.

And remember that you can always mix and match sizes! Need a larger size top and smaller bottoms? Or the other way round? Just drop us an email and mark your request in the ‘notes’ line when placing an order. 


What are you waiting for? Click here to browse Trigirl Two-Piece Sets


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